Shaun Claiborne


I have been in the health and fitness industry for 10 years and have come to the conclusion that our body responds to either negative or positive external influences. This comes through nutritional and physical choices; the more we allow our body to efficiently respond to what we do the more positive progression we will ultimately have.

Why I Do What I Do

As time has progressed since 2005, when I first started in this industry, I have come to learn that health isn’t about what we do in the gym. Its connecting the dots between exercise, sleep quality, sound nutrition, and stress management and by practicing and teaching on how to incorporate this into our lives I have found that success is very attainable. It takes work and lots of it but when we push forward, meet goals, and work through what holds us back our life can be dramatically changed for the long term. Simply put, my passion is finding how this all works for you.

What I Do

At our first session, which is a consultation and free of charge, we go through an in depth questionnaire that helps identify problematic areas. We deal with general info, health concerns, exercise and sports background, nutrition, sleep quality, and lastly stress management. After this we move onto a physical assessment to find out where you physically stand so the right program can be designed for you.

All programming is geared around being more functional, gaining strength through a full range of motion, endurance, and increasing flexibility. Through this type of workout design I feel fully confident that everything you do in life will be enhanced.

Client Testimonials

I have been working out with Shaun for almost two years now. Not only have I improved in my muscle tone, balance, and overall health I have also learned a lot. Shaun is always researching health information, recipes, new trends, etc & sharing his findings with his clients. This info has helped me improve my entire lifestyle! Thank you Shaun for all your support!

Jodi Smith

Since I began my journey with Shaun, I have lost 85lbs and counting.
Through shaun’s support and guidance, I have managed to alter my path in
life in health and fitness not only physically but mentally as well.
Shaun’s expertise in nutrition has completely reversed the way I view food
and the quality of what I put in my body. His methods of working out are
sneaky challenging and always something new week to week. Im forever
grateful that our lives crossed paths!

Matt Lomax, Truland Homes